Principal Founder, XIME &
Chairman, XIME Bangalore

The only constant in this world is change. The ebb and flow of change is perennial in economies, industries and businesses. It is indeed a challenging task for managers to constantly adapt to these changes.

Welcome to XIME! We will prepare you for such a turbulent world.

In the 57 years that I have spent in the field management education, I have seen wave after wave of changes that have assailed management education. Here at XIME, not only have we not gone under those waves, but we have also succeeded in riding many of them.

Built on a culture of merit, integrity and liberality of outlook, XIME, grooms future managers through a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum supported by courses in ethics, international business and ample industry exposure. Appreciation of societal issues is inculcated through various social action programmes and notably a three-week project on ‘Socially Useful and Productive Activity’. On the whole, our endeavour is to develop managers who by dint of their capability and character can measure up to the diverse challenges of the world of business and industry.

At XIME you will be part of an exciting journey of exploration, learning and development of your personal and professional potential.

Chairman'S MESSAGE

Mr. B Muthuraman

Chairman of Board of Governors
Former Vice Chairman - Tata Steels and Padma Bhushan awardee by the Indian government in 2012.

The demographic landscape of India is changing very fast with youth being a major proportion of the population. IRIS Knowledge Foundation in its research conducted in collaboration with UN Habitat, estimated the population of Indian Youth to reach 464 million by 2021.

The youth is considered to be the best asset of any country and any investment in the human resource could pave the way for a more empowered and skilled workforce. Identifying those facts, XIME Society took an initiative thirty years back, to train and upskill Indian youth, to meet the upcoming challenges of a disruptive world. We believe that the results of that decision has borne fruit and has significantly contributed to the growth of our Indian industrial sector over the past 25 years. At the same time, we realized the need to expand capacity and also provide this opportunity to many more youth from different parts of the country. The Society took the decision to establish a new center with the best infrastructure at Kochi in Kerala in the year 2012. The institute is located in KINFRA Hi-Tech Park in 4 acres of land with all the modern facilities. The institute has access to various industry and professional bodies which provides opportunities to draw visiting faculty and distinguished speakers from the industry and led to a continued industry-interaction to improve the quality of education for our students. No wonder, that this quality has translated into a consistent track record of 100% placements since inception. With students from over 22 states, this campus is a confluence of diverse cultures that adds to its uniqueness.

I wholeheartedly invite all of you to come over and experience XIME Chennai!